Virginia Testimonials

Mac, Ben and James Williams – Greenville, VA

Our Augusta Seed corn was grown under very harsh conditions and it had stress tolerance! I will use it again!

Dennis and Angie Rawley, Owners – Augusta Seed Corporation

It’s hard to imagine that we started Augusta Seed 37 years ago! Yes, we are independently owned and family operated just like most of you. Being a family business is one of our greatest strengths! You can choose in 2015 who you want to buy from. There are lots of reasons why it should be Augusta! After all, we have a lot of satisfied customers! Join our FAMILY at Augusta today!

Dennis Rawley – President-Augusta Seed Corporation

At Augusta Seed, we are hearing reports of really good corn across our sales area! We like to promote excellent performance in our advertising. Sometimes a really good yield on your farm under your conditions is 130 bushels per acre. Sometimes it is 200 bushels per acre or even 314 bushels per acre! Your satisfaction is what Augusta Seed is all about! Keep up the good work. It’s exciting to hear your reports! We are INDEPENDENTLY OWNED, FAMILY OPERATED WITH LOCAL RESEARCH! Thanks for your business!

Dennis Rawley, President of Augusta Seed

We, at Augusta, are receiving tremendous testimonials of the BEST CORN ever for many growers in 2014. You guys (farmers) are doing a great job. You feed the world and help us to be safe by doing so! Most of you like the fact and it is important to you that Augusta Seed is: Still INDEPENDENT! Still Family Owned and Operated! Still Doing Local Research! Still Offering Unprecedented Service! Farmers tell our reps that they enjoy seeing them come to the farm to look at their crops and find out what a fine job of growing Augusta Seed they are doing! Thanks for your business and by the way…our prices came down with the cost of production! Call today if you want to know more about Augusta Seed! (540) 886-6055

Norman Knight – Gladstone, VA and What Cheers, IA

I’ve been planting Augusta corn on my farm in Virginia for about 10 years. It seems like it will perform where others won’t. I planted it in Iowa this year and it performed there also!

David, Jacob & Josh Heizer – Middlebrook, VA

We were extremely dry here this year which hurt our tonnage. But, considering just how dry it was, I was surprised by how well our corn turned out and we were happy with the Augusta yields.

James Haile – Dunnsville, VA

We have built a relationship with the Augusta Seed folk for almost 30 years! We have become friends and family!

Everett Gardner – Mt. Solon, VA

I’ve dealt with Augusta Seed for over 30 years! They are as good as the best and better than the rest!

Larry Custis – Pungoteague, VA

We have a strong relationship with the Augusta Seed group!

Fred Smith, Stoney Run Farms – McGaheysville, VA

We have planted Augusta seed corn for over 20 years! What we have found is that Augusta brings a good quality product to our farm year after year! We like the fact that Augusta will continue to promote a good genetic line for a number of years. Most of the competitors don’t have the same variety in a test two years in a row. Sometimes you can’t even get the same variety two years in a row! Augusta 7664 has brought us the milk per acre that we need! We have used A7664 for 4 years with consistently good results. It has extremely good health against grey leaf spot and that is very important to us. Green life for an extended harvest season and more milk per acre are a necessity! We simply cannot risk feeding poor value feed. Augusta brings us that consistency year in and year out.

Fred Smith – McGaheysville, VA

We have had real good results with the A7664 for silage and milk production for three years! The A7664 is not as tall as some corns, but it really adds up for silage with its extreme leafiness. We have a lot of leaf disease and A7664 is one of the best for staying healthy. We have to have milk per acre and that is why we plant Augusta Seed!

Ben Smith, Cool Lawn Farm – Remington, VA

We planted several Augusta hybrids this year and are well pleased with the performance. We also planted a silage test plot with hybrids from six different companies and the Augusta corns had a strong performance. A7664 was #1 for predicted milk per ton of DM.

Dennis and Angie Rawley – Owners – Augusta Seed Corporation

At Augusta, we have been very fortunate to find genetic lines that contribute feed value for silage! These genetic lines are the backbone of our successful silage program. Farmers and researchers know that predictability and consistency with regard to milk per acre is very important! We are proud of A7664 and its consistent performance in milk per acre. Augusta Seed genetic lines not only offer consistent milk per acre, they also offer reliable performance in the field! Augusta 7664 is a very stress hardy hybrid with great standability. Its plant health is exceptional especially with regard to grey leaf spot and northern leaf blight. We encourage you to call an Augusta dealer or our office (540-886-6055) for more information. You will find that you are dealing with an independently owned seed corn company. We are family operated and work with local research! Join our Augusta Seed family today and watch your milk production increase!

Dennis and Angie Rawley, Owners – Augusta Seed Corporation

We are proud of A7664 and its consistent performance in milk per acre. Augusta Seed genetic lines not only offer consistent milk per acre, they also offer reliable performance in the field! Augusta 7664 is a very stress hardy hybrid with great standability. Its plant health is exceptional especially with regard to grey leaf spot and northern leaf blight.

Wes Kent – Weyers Cave, VA

I’ve really been impressed with A7664 for two years in a row. We got dry this summer, but A7664 still made a good yield on a tough hillside. Just look at these ears, a nice one on every stalk!

Steve Collins – Harrisonburg, VA

I’ve seen A5664 looking good in the Shenandoah Valley and Pennsylvania. This hybrid excels at higher populations which makes it a good choice for silage. Also, A5664 will excel under irrigation at high population plantings across Tennessee.

Norman Knight – What Cheer, IA and Gladstone, VA

Augusta Seed has done a real good job for me in Virginia so I took some to What Cheer, Iowa last year! The A5658 was 20-30 bushels better in Iowa last year than the national brands! This year the A5658 is averaging over 220 bushels per acre here in Iowa! A5658 is great corn!

Wes Marshall – Weyers Cave, VA

I planted A5565 this year because it did well in my plots in 2013. I was very satisfied with A5565. It yielded 206 dry bushels per acre and was one of my top performers! The standability was excellent!

Patrick Eye – Mt. Crawford, VA

A5262 averaged 270 bushels per acre for us of dryland corn! This was our best yielding hybrids this year. I just couldn’t see all that yield. It was great! We even had some cattle get in the field and some deer damage, also! What would it have done without the damage?

Chris Slabaugh – Chesapeake, VA

I planted the new Augusta 2956 this year and I definitely want more next year. It averaged 201 bushels per acre at 20% moisture. It was 60 bushels per acre better than a competitor planted nearby. I was very pleased.

David Mason - Onancock, VA

I planted Augusta 2852 this year. It had a good year. It stood perfectly and dried down well. It harvested between 150-200 bushels per acre. I was tickled with that.

Jeremy Baldwin – Rileyville, VA

Good corn! I’m real happy with A2847GT3 making 200+ bushels per acre this year!

Edwin Huffman – Luray, VA

I planted Augusta 2340 (90 RDM) on July 5, 2014. It looked great all summer and made 29 tons per acre of silage! Augusta corns have made me good yields and quality silage for many years.

Gary Martin – Stuarts Draft, VA

I have used Augusta Seed for many years. Our A0720 yielded 175 bushels per acre this year. We always have stress so we have to have stress tolerant seed!

Jim & Cheryl Evans - Bloxom, VA

A2954 (104 RDM) averaged 150 bushels per acre and A0720 (112 RDM) averaged 170 bushels per acre! I really like Augusta 0720 on my Eastern Virginia soil. It is a consistent performer for our tough conditions. We were dry and the Augusta corn waited on the rain! I am very satisfied with that because our growing conditions were so tough this year.

Mike Plaugher, Rockingham Co-Op – Bridgewater, VA

In my opinion, if you don’t have excellent plant health you will not have good grain or quality silage. Augusta 7664, along with A5465 and A5566 are three of the healthiest hybrids available today. The A7664 milks well and is a very consistent performer. It even has excellent standability for grain!

Jay Debusk - Saltville, VA

This is our third year planting Augusta Seed Corn.  We had A6166GT on the hill behind the dairy and it was a great field of corn making 31 tons per acre.  A5566GTCBLL was planted later and we are chopping it now and it's making 25 tons per acre.  A008VT3Pro will be for earlage or shelling.  I've been very happy with the Augusta performance.

Chris & Joe Wilkins - New Market, VA

We like Augusta hybrids because of their high digestibility for our dairy silage. The A7664 was planted to shell. It has great plant health and good ears. A008 made 28 tons per acre at 30,000 population this year. We planted 5 different Augusta hybrids this year and we’re happy with all of them. We rely on Augusta to bring us good hybrids each year and they have never let us down!

Wesley Heatwole - Harrisonburg, VA

We like the performance and digestibility of the Augusta corns.  A008 has done extremely well for the last three years.  Yield has been running 30+ tons per acre this year.

Kenny and Steve Weaver – Bridgewater, VA

We've planted A008 for three years and have been pleased with the results.  A008 makes some of the biggest ears that we have ever seen in good seasons, but can still makes respectable yields in dryer years.  We'll definitely plant more A008 next year.