Maryland Testimonials

Bobby Hutchison – Cordova, MD

A5457 is our favorite hybrid!

Roger Richardson – Eden, MD

Augusta 0720 was an amazing performer for us in Eastern MD! We were under tremendous dry weather stress and then got rain! The A0720 held on till the rain and performed! Stress tolerance is really important for us here in Eastern MD. This A0720 yielded 240 dry bushels to the acre! Our Augusta early corn A2954 was a real winner here also! For an early corn to be as tough as A2852 under stress is just what we need. It’s been real good here for several years!

Danny Murray and Wayne McFarland – Price, MD

We have a lot of disease problems in this area and we planted A5664 to have good yields and also great roots and stalks! Plant health and consistent performance is very important to us! The A5664 was planted on ground that has been corn behind corn for 4 years and we used fungicide. When I planted this field, we dropped 32,000 kernels per acre. After going around a couple of times, I remembered that the Augusta Seed Rep had recommended higher populations for the A5664. I upped it to 35,000 and it really paid off! The 32,000 plants were averaging 245 bushels per acre, but when I got to the 35,000, the yields jumped to 265 then 275! This was definitely the best corn we raised this year and also the best we have ever raised!

Fred Miller – Whitehall, MD

I was hoping for 175 bushels per acre but I never thought we would see the 265 bushels per acre that we got off of the Augusta 5565!

Olin Pippin - Barclay, MD

A2956 was the last corn I planted this year. It took off growing and never looked back. It had good health and a great ear. It averaged between 25 to 30 tons to the acre. I am very happy with that, especially considering that it is a 106 day hybrid!

Butch, Laura & Julie Frase – Preston, MD

My A2954 went 242 bushels per acre dry!

Kyle Hutchison – Cordova, MD

We have used A0720 as a workhorse for several years. It does well even on tough soil. This year it was one of the top hybrids in our plot at 299! We have had two hybrids hit 400 bushels per acre on our yield monitor and A0720 did it this year! For several years, our favorite hybrid has been and still is, A5457 (107 RDM). It has consistently given us big yields irrigated and drys down really fast! We measured a plot at 276 bushels this year and had field averages that were close to that. We like the fact that we can buy such a strong performing hybrid as a conventional or with technology. It gives us options! The new hybrid that is demanding (from 2 years of our own test) that we take a hard look at it A5262 (112 RDM).

Kevin Fishell – Federalsburg, MD

I planted Augusta 5262 this year because I need a hybrid with good flex. It was planted at a population of 22,000 on dryland. The field average was 199 dry bushels per acre! I am very pleased with this new variety.

Rick and Brian Hetrick - Preston, MD

A2854 (104 RDM) averaged 183 dry bushels per acre!