Delaware Testimonials

Bobby Killen – Felton, DE

Augusta Seed has brought me strong corn and strong relationships!

Tom Pleasanton – Magnolia, DE

A5565 really did a good job for me! It yielded 200 bushels per acre and stood great! I am part of the Augusta Family!

Millard Dixon – Dover, DE

Even as a conventional, A5565 was the highest yielding hybrid on my farm last year, beating out two of the national competitors.  In addition to the high yields, I like its flex ear and its low ear placement.

Greg and Greg Dempsey, Jr. – Dover, DE

We planted A5262 on two different farms that have second tier soil (not some of our best). The A5262 yielded 200 dry land bushels per acre on the farm that did not get the extra rain showers. On the other farm, we got better rains and A5262 yielded 250 dry land bushels per acre. I don’t have my yield maps yet but it was either the highest or one of the highest dry land yield average we had!

Tommy Elliott - Delmar, DE

I have planted Augusta 2954 as my early corn for the last several years. This year it came out of the ground quickly and took off growing. It stood well all the way to harvest. It averaged 210 bushels per acre. I am very pleased.

Andrew & Mark Rickards – Delmar, DE

I planted some of Augusta’s A0720 this year. It averaged 180 bushels an acre at 16.5%. I am tickled with that