Rick Whitfield – Montrose, CO

We have to have lots of tonnage and good quality feed for our cows. I have had good success with Augusta Seed for several years. Augusta 5664 did a fine job for us this year. It was tall, leafy and eared up well!

Steve Sensenig – Newville, PA

We had a fantastic Augusta silage plot on our farm this year! We were able to weight it and sample each hybrid for nutritional analysis. In reviewing the final data with the Augusta Rep, Steve Collins, from my plot and a similar plot in Dayton, VA, we see that A5664GT3000 was a standout! It was 1st place in both plots for predicted milk per ton of DM! It was 2nd place in my plot for predicted milk per acre and 4th at Dayton. Also, it showed a really good starch level at 43% of DM in PA and by far the best starch level at Dayton, VA.

Danny Murray and Wayne McFarland – Price, MD

We have a lot of disease problems in this area and we planted A5664 to have good yields and also great roots and stalks! Plant health and consistent performance is very important to us! The A5664 was planted on ground that has been corn behind corn for 4 years and we used fungicide. When I planted this field, we dropped 32,000 kernels per acre. After going around a couple of times, I remembered that the Augusta Seed Rep had recommended higher populations for the A5664. I upped it to 35,000 and it really paid off! The 32,000 plants were averaging 245 bushels per acre, but when I got to the 35,000, the yields jumped to 265 then 275! This was definitely the best corn we raised this year and also the best we have ever raised!

Steve Collins – Harrisonburg, VA

I’ve seen A5664 looking good in the Shenandoah Valley and Pennsylvania. This hybrid excels at higher populations which makes it a good choice for silage. Also, A5664 will excel under irrigation at high population plantings across Tennessee.