Seth Taylor – Parkersburg, IL tel:217-621-3318

Augusta 5658 is a natural fit for central and southern Indiana and Illinois! The A5658 was one of the top 2 hybrids in our regions F.I.R.S.T. Corn Trials in a two year average! Call me to order in this region!

Harry Spruill – Columbia, NC

I like Augusta 5658 because it is short with low ear placement and has good standability!  It is a top yielder for us.  Our corn was hurt by excessive water this year but the A5658 still averaged over 160 dry bushels per acre over a couple hundred acres!

Norman Knight – What Cheer, IA and Gladstone, VA

Augusta Seed has done a real good job for me in Virginia so I took some to What Cheer, Iowa last year! The A5658 was 20-30 bushels better in Iowa last year than the national brands! This year the A5658 is averaging over 220 bushels per acre here in Iowa! A5658 is great corn!

Jody Henderson – Piggot, AR

My A5658 did well all year long. It had good early vigor and stood well throughtout the season. I liked the 59-60 pound test weight. My final yield was 204 bushels per acre at 12% moisture!

Roy Boeglin –Haubstadt, IN

A5658 made 207 bushels per acre for me on rolling ground. I think that’s pretty good for early corn.

Brooks & Van Blackketter – Trezevant, TN

I had a 100 acre field of A5658 average 193 bushels per acre!

Jeff Beard – Claremont, IL

"I planted Augusta 5658 on April 29, 2014 at 30,000 plants per acre.  On September 23, 2014 we completed harvest at 15%!  The A5658 is the highest yielding corn that has been on this farm in the 69 years that our family has owned it!  Augusta 5658 totally eclipsed the performance of the competitor by as much as 30 bushels per acre!  It was irrigated ground and the weak part of the field yielded 230 dry bushels per acre!  The rest of the field yielded 300 bushels per acre!  My dad (Wendell Beard, 87) said,
“My, Jeff! This is unbelievable!"

Steve Scharff, Steve & Becky Shea – Delta, CO

Our A5658 has made a really good crop of corn for us this year! It’s short and is very high yielding. A really good 108 RDM corn for here on the West Slope of Colorado!

Denver Wolford – Matthews, MO

Our Augusta 5658 broke our highest farm average last year with 226 dry bushels per acre. This year it beat our farm average again with 230 dry bushels per acre! I love A5658!