Paul Young – Clifton, CO

BIG YIELD! A5565VT2Pro – 320 dry BPA!

Steve Wilhoit – Cleveland, TN

We really like the nice kernels and test weight on the A5565. It stood well all season and should make some nice corn.

Don and Tim Sievers – Jackson, MO

This is my first time planting Augusta corn and I am impressed! I like the fact that it puts on more rows around than most hybrids and it has big kernels and ears. Ours was dryland and it yielded 187.5 bushels per acre…that’s the best yield I’ve ever had on my farm! I will be planting more Augusta next year!

Tom Pleasanton – Magnolia, DE

A5565 really did a good job for me! It yielded 200 bushels per acre and stood great! I am part of the Augusta Family!

Ben Petty – Crandall, GA

My A5565 went through some dry weather stress this year, but it handled it better than any other hybrid I saw. It stood well and put on some nice ears.

Fred Miller – Whitehall, MD

I was hoping for 175 bushels per acre but I never thought we would see the 265 bushels per acre that we got off of the Augusta 5565!

Larry McAnally – Lawrenceburg, TN

I liked my A5565 this year. It held up just as good or better than anything else. It was nice that it was shorter than some of my other corns too.

Wes Marshall – Weyers Cave, VA

I planted A5565 this year because it did well in my plots in 2013. I was very satisfied with A5565. It yielded 206 dry bushels per acre and was one of my top performers! The standability was excellent!

Bobby Killen – Felton, DE

A5565 is one of our best corns this year! It averaged 249.3 bushels per acre and was extremely consistent! It stood great and I really liked it being short with low ears! I planted it last and wish I could have had some planted first with this kind of performance!

Millard Dixon – Dover, DE

Even as a conventional, A5565 was the highest yielding hybrid on my farm last year, beating out two of the national competitors.  In addition to the high yields, I like its flex ear and its low ear placement.