Steven King – Piney Flats, TN

A008 is a top performer on my farm every year! It averaged 237 bushels per acre on one field and 218 bushels per acre on another field that had never had corn on it. I am very well satisfied with my Augusta corn.

Jay Debusk - Saltville, VA

This is our third year planting Augusta Seed Corn.  We had A6166GT on the hill behind the dairy and it was a great field of corn making 31 tons per acre.  A5566GTCBLL was planted later and we are chopping it now and it's making 25 tons per acre.  A008VT3Pro will be for earlage or shelling.  I've been very happy with the Augusta performance.

Chris & Joe Wilkins - New Market, VA

We like Augusta hybrids because of their high digestibility for our dairy silage. The A7664 was planted to shell. It has great plant health and good ears. A008 made 28 tons per acre at 30,000 population this year. We planted 5 different Augusta hybrids this year and we’re happy with all of them. We rely on Augusta to bring us good hybrids each year and they have never let us down!

Butch Schaffer - Dornsife, PA

This was my second year with Augusta. We were a good bit dryer than last year and I’m very happy with the Augusta performance. A008VT3Pro has made us a lot of good quality silage for two years now. I’ll be planting more next year!

Wesley Heatwole - Harrisonburg, VA

We like the performance and digestibility of the Augusta corns.  A008 has done extremely well for the last three years.  Yield has been running 30+ tons per acre this year.

Kenny and Steve Weaver – Bridgewater, VA

We've planted A008 for three years and have been pleased with the results.  A008 makes some of the biggest ears that we have ever seen in good seasons, but can still makes respectable yields in dryer years.  We'll definitely plant more A008 next year.

Steve Lee – Madisonville, TN

A008 had a great showing on my farm again this year. I like this hybrid because it not only has good tonnage, but also because the quality is excellent. Mine went 30 tons per acre and I was very satisfied with it. We will plant more again next year.

Randy Davis – Philadelphia, TN

My A008 was fun to chop this year. It had excellent tonnage and stood well. It is a dependable hybrid that I can always count on to perform.